There and Back Again


Zedfast started as a "vanity label" for my software consulting services in 2008. Zedfast was a way of raising my profile, an outlet for my work and a promotion tool for my career. The hope was to eventually bring together some former colleagues. In 2010 and again in 2012 I made efforts to expand Zedfast: increase contracts, hire a team, do innovative development, and build products.


Now in April 2013, together with former Zedfast President Colin MacNeil, we have formed a new company: the Red Team. Colin will head-up this new entity to handle the eLearning development and content production w hile Zedfast remains a creative outlet for me. The Red Team was what we called our "Network of Trusted Collaborators" and now it will be an official entity of its own. I will continue to provide programming expertise through the Zedfast label while Colin formally pursues the next evolution of the Red Team.

Along with continuing Zedfast work through this transition phase, I return to my formal studies in Mathematics at Mount Allison University, and beyond.


Steve Steve
Founder and CTO of Zedfast

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