I'm evoking a bit from Buckminster Fuller on this one. He had a list of self-disciplines that he laid out for himself and followed:

If I remember correctly Bruce Lee also had something similar.

Philosophically I see the self-discipline process as raft building. A way of fashioning your life raft to fit your own experiences and motivations.  I construct my raft as follows, poaching a few from Bucky Fuller and adding my own; I will proceed in the following manner:

  1. Seek to bridge the gap between my current knowledge and the limit of human knowledge in a particular area of science, namely some branch of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  2. Seek to decrease my own sufferings and the suffering of those around me, even if in some small and unrecognised way.
  3. Seek to improve my health through vigorous exercise and fitness goals. Continue to participate in competitive athletics.
  4. Seek to learn the most from my mistakes. (Bucky)
  5. Seek to skilfully develop my hands as well as my mind.
  6. Seek to decrease time wasted in worried procrastination and to increase time invested in discovery of technological effectiveness. (Bucky)
  7. The Five Mindfulness Trainings from Thich Nhat Hanh (aka Thay). Which I took transmission of in the summer of 2005 when my brother and I went on a Buddhist retreat lead by Thay. Basically these are equivalent to the (Soto) Zen Buddhist precepts with the flavour of "Engaged Buddhism".
  8. Seek to gain insight on topics of science, technology, philosophy, sociology, history, and Nature from a variety of sources and viewpoints.
  9. Commit whole-heartedly to the above and pay no attention to "earning a living" in humanity’s established economic system, yet find that my family’s and my needs are provided for by seemingly pure happenstance and always only in the nick of time. (Bucky)

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