Educational Facilities

The best way to describe Eamonn, my 3-year-old (soon to be 4), is that he's an explorer. He's innately curious and inquisitive. He pokes and prods, touches, runs to and fro, and physically interacts with the world around him. He learns by doing things hands-on. If it's something mechanical, he tries to take it apart. If it has buttons, he pushes them all. He gets wet, he gets dirty. He occasionally breaks things.

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To others he can seem very difficult. When he gets inquisitive about something, it's hard to change his mind. If something is dangerous he has to be watched closely and the dangers have to be explained to him. It takes patience to enter his world. It can be difficult if you don't leave your own world behind and enter his. When he's exploring it's best just to go along for the ride.


This is his way of learning about the world around him. I see many other kids like him but many not. My daughter is a more introspective. She can sit working away at something for longer periods of time. She is curious about life and associations of people: grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, marriage, etc. She finds languages (Spanish and French) fascinating. She likes to write stories.

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With Eamonn his methods are different. I have no worry about his ability to learn. Though I feel that he may struggle in the school system.

...when the politicians think about education they immediately begin to think about buildings and apparatus. There is a conventional picture or concept of school that is very powerful inmost men’s minds, and I think a great surprise is coming. I don’t think that what isgoing to happen in education is apprehended or anticipated...

As long as school primarily takes place seated in a classroom, indoors, driven by lecture, repetition, and quiet busy-work, Eamonn will not be getting the education he needs. I don't think he's the only one. The "system" of education fails a lot of kids who don't fit the mould it places them in.


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