How Far We've Come: Literacy and Beyond.

In the late 19th century global illiteracy was around 85% or more.Literacy rate: world

Today, in 2013 we have completely flipped that around to 85% global literacy.

If you are curious, the sea of red, the lowest literacy rates for women and the lowest for men are listed on Top 5 of Anything.

Everybody's acquiring a beautiful vocabulary, beautiful tools to communicate with others regarding his own experience, and that's something we didn't have yesterday.

-- Buckminster Fuller, 1972)

This little Udacity "coffee break" about learning and mindset really comes into perspective considering the above.

...we really need to get rid of those myths about some people being smart and some are not...

– Professor Jo Boaler, Mathematics Education at Stanford University.

This comes back to what Buckminster Fuller said, "I find that everybody is getting to be an Einstein or a Christ". Humanity is coming to the fact that everyone has genius in them and the capacity for enlightenment.

Fuller goes on to talk about communicating in context with this new-found understanding:

"I expect that we’ll come to a point where humanity will spontaneously do the logical things together. It will find ways of understanding a little more about what others are thinking. We’ll have ways of really voting our convictions. Very soon we’ll have little devices on our wrists and we’ll be able to say “I like it” or “I don’t like it” as we go along, and there will be an electronic pickup and computers will tell us what everyone around the world is thinking about each problem. We’ll be able to act reasonably in relation to one another." (Buckminster Fuller, 1972)

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