A Journal of Daily Activities for a Week: Day 2, Tuesday, October 8th

7:00am wake-up. It was one of those mornings where you can't find anything. I have a bowl of yoghurt before leaving the house to make it to my 8:30 Latin tutorial. Rainy day, no coffee, not a great start.

I spend 9:30-11:00am in the library. I spent a bit of time debugging some inane BibTex errors in my research proposal.

I walked to school in the rain this morning. Wasn't too bad with a raincoat and umbrella. Though I made a quick trip home at 11:00am, after the sky had cleared, to grab my bike. The 10 minute walk to school quickly becomes a 2-3 minute bike ride. So most days I bike. I'll soon be winterizing my 15 year old Gary Fisher with studded tires, some extra splash guards, and a tune-up for good measure. I plan to bike through the winter this year.

Cryptography class

My only official class on Tuesday and Thursdays is my 11:30am Cryptography lecture. This is quickly becoming a favourite. It gets especially interesting when the professor goes off book. Last week he paid some extra attention to Claude Shannon, the father of information theory. Pictured here:


Information theory is an area of Math/Computer Science that I might possibly pursue in graduate studies. One thing we share in common is our success at Blackjack. Back in 2005, if I remember correctly, I went on a $7500 run over the span of about a month playing Blackjack. Might be a good topic for another post.

Back to divergences in Cryptography class. Today was especially interesting. We started off discussing the AES cipher (id est Rijndael) but quickly got off topic and spent about half the class talking about prime factorization, RSA, the RSA factoring challenge, computational complexity, P=NP, et cetera.

The general rule of most lectures is the off-book topics tend to be the most interesting and fun.

3:30pm: I leave Sackville for Amherst to pick up my son from the Montessori school. I wrote about my son's education in a previous blog post. So far he has been adjusting quite well and is getting a lot from the program. The hands on nature of it, the activities, classroom materials, seems to fit with him quite well.

4:30pm: We arrive at the pool for my daughter's swim class. While she swims, Eamonn and I head to the track for a short run and a few games.

5:15-8:00pm: Parent mode: supper, Wizard of Oz with the kids, cleaning, baths, bed-time. Our bed-time story tonight was Dinosaur: 123 ABC, by Jan Lewis. Evey particularly likes this one.



The internet is lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And lines of code before I sleep,
And lines of code before I sleep.

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