A Journal of Daily Activities for a Week: Day 3, Wednesday, October 9th

The longest day

Wednesdays are marathons of lecture and study. I am writing this a day later and it's all a blur now. The day promptly started at 7:00am and didn't finish until 2:30am.

Morning classes: Latin and Advanced Linear Algebra.

Afternoon: 2:30-5:20pm Linguistics lecture. This one lecture per week, nearly 3 hours long, is a format I am not particularly liking. Kudos to the professor who does a pretty fantastic job of keeping us engaged for that long. Some days are better than others but it mostly depends on the material.

If it stopped there it would be a busy day. At this point my brain has turned to mush.

But immediately after the linguistics marathon I have a math "practice", id est, prep for the Putnam math competition. After an hour of this is a 3 hour Computer Science "practice" to prep for the upcoming coding competition. A lot of the material in both the math and the coding work is review for me. Though much of it I haven't seen in a while. In both, I feel like I should remember a lot of the details better.

When I get home after a difficult practice my mind is still swimming in problems. It took me a long time to wind down afterwards and I didn't fall asleep until 2:30am.

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