A Journal of Daily Activities for a Week: Day 4, Thursday, October 10th

Zombie mode

It was a rough morning. Off to a slow start. Almost forgot about a physiotherapy appointment but my phone calendar reminded me 10 minutes before. The great thing about living in Sackville is that nothing is more than a 3 minute bike ride away, literally. The progress on my ankle recovery is coming slowly but surely. The physio is certainly helping. I was hoping to be back in the saddle, back to my pole vaulting and decathlon ways, sometime this winter but at the current rate I am probably looking at next summer as most likely.

Back to my day.

After physio I hit the Black Duck for my coffee and breakfast.


The full coffee (cappuccino) in the picture is my second.

Luckily I only had 1 class today, Cryptography. We covered DES/Feistel.


I did some surfing and studying in the afternoon. Not the most productive.

4:30pm: hit the swimming pool for Evey's practice. While Evey swam I met up with the cross country team to set them off on their workout/intervals. Over the past 5 years I have coached the team but this year I only planned their training/workouts. With my possible departure next year, along with my busy schedule this year, I have decreased my involvement and handed off duties to other volunteers. The team is having another excellent season.

After swimming I was in parenting mode until the kids went to sleep, by 8pm. Finished up an assignment (for Linguistics) and went to bed by 11pm.

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