A Journal of Daily Activities for a Week: Day 5, Friday, October 11th

A better day

Got an early start. Was at the library promptly at 8:30pm. I had two assignments due this morning, one in Latin, the other in Advanced Linear Algebra. I had my usual oat cake and coffee in the library cafe and proceeded for the next 2 hours to crack out the assignments.


I struggled with language my entire life. First in french, then in spanish. I wish I could read my childhood writings in english, I probably wasn't so good then either. I see my daughter learning to read (english) and I think, how does anyone decipher this mess? At least spanish is written phonetically.

On the other hand, latin is coming quite easily. The verb conjugations and noun declensions are not without their exceptions but the patterns and rules make sense. I like the structure. It feels intuitive. I'm sure my previous struggles have helped me pick it up quickly. Looking back on some french and spanish now it doesn't seem so bad.

The Tom Thomsons


When the light hits these trees a certain way it reminds me of Tom Thomson paintings of pine trees, so I call them the Tom Thomsons. I walk by them everyday. My favourite trees on campus.

After my last lecture of the day, at 1:20pm, I watched some student research presentations. Then went home at 3:00pm and relaxed. I was on the verge of an afternoon nap. Something I never do. I always struggle with sleep during the day.

4:30pm: Fridays with Steve @ Sweat Sackville. I have been coaching the 4:30-5:30pm workouts at the gym for the past 3-4 weeks. I used to go everyday and do a workout but with my current schedule it's down to 1-2 times per week.

Friday night with the kids. Evey fell asleep at 7:00pm on the couch watching TV. Eamonn went to bed shortly after.

I'm catching up on my blog posts, social media, and listening to some music via youtube. I'll finish the night off with a quick round of studying.

I'll leave you with the music stuck in my head:

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