The Perfect Morning Run

Being injured for so long I had forgotten the feeling of a Sunday morning run. Like coming out of hibernation, through cool air and fog, with just enough sunlight to contrast the surroundings in a washed light, the kind that photographers literally shoot for, and I did pass a few this morning. I passed a few runners too, with a brief nod, we knew what a gift we'd been given. Winter would be here soon, but for now we shared in this perfect morning run.

My lungs were tired but my mind willed them on. They had forgotten their former glory but on a day like today, they soon remembered. At every fork in the road, I took the longer path, to delay my return home. The town still slept but would awake soon. The fog would be gone and the pedestrian day would begin.

A few days into my 36th year and I feel alive, "Ego curro, ergo vivus sum."

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