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I'll start by issuing the standard blogger apology of saying, "Sorry I haven't been writing for x number of [days,months,years]. I promise to update this site more often."

When I started blogging (yet again) I had every intention of making it habitual. I wanted to use this blog as a creative outlet for thinking and working out loud. I've always had a drive to learn new things without any external motivation. But I chose a different path this past year, I chose the institutional education path, i.e. going to university. Doing so while working and trying to be a good husband and father is challenging. Things like writing and maintaining a blog tend to fall by the wayside.

Having so many external forces direct my learning for me while in school, I (temporarily) gave up being in control of pursuing ideas driven by curiosity. It's hard to let go of curiosity but it was necessary if I wanted to graduate with a university degree. I never saw the degree as a goal in itself, the material I was learning in courses had always been more important.

Now that the most recent semester of study is over I can now direct my attention inward, to my own creative needs driven by internal forces.

A few things on my radar

Last summer I read a number of books by Buckminster Fuller, and this summer I plan to continue reading more of his works. This includes his Everything I Know lectures from 1975 which consists of 42 hours of his own thinking out loud. The good folks at the Buckminster Fuller Institute have kindly transcribed it in its entirety.

Hash Cryptanalysis: I've taken two cracks at finding collisions in the SHA-1 hash function with no luck in my approaches. Third times a charm or strike three and you're out? My latest "results":


Another important pursuit for me is The Top 5 of Anything--a project I've collaborated on since 2006.

One of my consulting projects at the moment is a series of C++ instructional videos. I have enjoyed it so far which has got me to thinking I should do more of this. So I hope do this for other topics as well, about things I want to learn in general. A quote by Mathematician Ben Green in a recent interview: "Sometimes being forced to lecture on something is a good way of making sure that you’ve read it properly and understood it properly."

All the best,


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