The Internet of Constant Update (A Personal Rant)

I don't like this internet, the internet we have in 2014.  It's a greedy internet that expects to be fed constantly.  Then it expects us to wait on it, on its terms, clicking "View X new Tweets!" every few seconds.  Like in high school when you waited by the phone for a cute girl to call you back.

Ignoring the internet of 2014 is like skipping a night of binge drinking with your friends only to hear the next day you missed the best party ever!  Ignore the front page of reddit and you'll miss 6 months of inside jokes in every comment thread.  The reality is by skipping it you sleep better at night and wake up recharged the next day.  Internet hangovers, i.e. unproductive days wasted drinking at the trough of constant information, are just as bad as the alcohol induced kind.

Once the stream leaves the front page of facebook, google+, twitter, etc., it's gone for good.  There is no wayback machine, no search, no summarized newspaper of your personalized news feed.  There are no longer RSS feeds to many of these services and it seems NNTP has fallen out of favour with the masses.

We are wading through a river of shit, and unlike the hero in Shawshank, we all come out shitty on the other side.  The internet provides an incredible wealth of information through global communication, but more and more it is no longer the decentralized network it once was, but a hierarchy of walled gardens and ziggurats.  We've given up the wide-angle lens on our Leica for a coin-operated monocular scope we can only point in one direction.

We've given up our daily newspaper with our morning coffee to one we carry around with us all day in which we read new headlines every 2 minutes and read only every 20th article.

I want an internet that minimizes the frequency (and time) I need to interact with it.  With all the filters, ranking algorithms, natural language processing, and open protocols, you'd think this would have been done already.  I want to drink a glass of water and be hydrated and not have to hook myself up to an intravenous drip.

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