James Stewart's Calculus

James Stewart, author of the calculus textbooks many of us either loved or loved to hate, has died. [source]

I remember going through my oldest brother's copy of the book.  It was the first edition of Stewart's Calculus.  I still have the book and it was on my bookshelf until 3 months ago, when I sold my house and boxed it up.

I was 12 years old when I first started working through it.  At the time I was annoyed with my school's Math curriculum (which was also in French...which I struggled with).  The book was both a reprieve and a Mathematical revelation to me.

As I got older and further into the book I didn't particularly care for Stewart's approach to Calculus.  But it did help spark my interest in Mathematics as a teenager.  Looking back now 24 years later, as a mature student studying Mathematics, Stewart's Calculus is part of the equation that brought me to where I am today--entering my last semester of study at Mount Allison University, about to graduate with an Honours Mathematics degree.

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