My letter to the CRTC/CWTA/etc regarding Gemalto SIM cards in Canada

I am writing to inform you of the recent information released regarding the SIM cards produced by Gemalto. The security of these cards have been compromised by foreign government agencies, namely GCHQ and the NSA [1]. A number of Canadian cellular providers use these cards [2]. I believe you should intervene and force/direct the companies to issue a recall for all Gemalto produced SIM cards that are being used in Canada. This is necessary to protect the security, privacy, and safety of Canadian cellular users.


Anecdote: Upon hearing the news, I remembered a recent situation regarding a SIM card problem I had.  Not sure if this is related but what happened concerned me at the time. I had recently purchased a new smartphone and needed a new SIM card. I picked one up from my provider, Telus, but when I went to activate it, I got an error message saying it was already in use. Could it have been a compromised card?

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