Aesop's Fables: The Frog and the Ox. Reimagined in an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel

* Now talking on #MeadowOfAesop
* momma_frog (~aesops_fables@192-168-1-1) has joined #MeadowOfAesop
<little_fr0gz> did you see how big that Ox was? he was impressive!
<momma_frog> >:(
* momma_frog puffs herself up
<momma_frog> am I bigger than the ox now?
<little_fr0gz> not a chance :(
* momma_frog puffs up even bigger!
* momma_frog has changed the topic to: I must be bigger than the ox now!!!
<little_fr0gz> the ox is still bigger :\
<momma_frog> watch this...
* momma_frog puff! puff! puffs up as big as she can!
* momma_frog has quit #MeadowOfAesop (Excess Puff: Exploded)
<little_fr0gz> !

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