It's Still About the Print

Steve Scott in Kouchibouguac

Except for a few snapshots here and there, I rarely post any of my photography online–even to my own website. It’s a decision I’ve struggled with. My capture medium is digital, but my output has been the print. The joy of photography is holding up a fresh print off the printer. My walls are my gallery.

I appreciate when other photographers post to their websites and various social media platforms. I occasionally feel I may be missing out on some interaction but it’s a big step for me. The personal connection to my photography is through the print. As an art form, an artistic expression of mine, I’m afraid of losing intimacy with it.

Ilford Moab Canson

I’d like to learn to love the screen as an output medium, but it’s not there yet. I have recently started posting some photos on Instagram. This will be an experiment for me. As Bucky Fuller used to say, you cannot learn less from an experiment, you can only learn more.

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(No longer on Instagram: read about my exit from social media)

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