Screencast - Preparing VirtualBox for Ubuntu Server 18.04

This is the first video in a forthcoming series on web application development.

When I start a new project, I carry out the same basic steps. In most cases it starts with a server install of Ubuntu. Watch the following screencast where I walk through the steps for setting up VirtualBox for Ubuntu Server 18.04.

In this screencast, I’ll walk you through setting up a virtual machine for Ubuntu server. I intend to install the server in virtualbox on my mac workstation for a local development environment.

Required software:

Notes: My typical VirtualBox configuration for Ubuntu 18.04:

  • Name: #hostname#-Ubuntu18.04
  • Base Memory: 2048 MB
  • VirtualBox Disk Image (VDI): 20.00 GB (at least)
  • Processors(2): 2 or 4
  • Display: 16 MB, no accelerations (No GUI)
  • IDE Controller: Optical Drive. Select ubuntu-18.04-live-server-amd64.iso.
  • Network Adapter 1: Bridged Adapter

This is usually enough to get me started with a local development environment for Ubuntu 18.04 running in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

In my next screencast video, I’ll walk through installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 and my post-installation actions and configuration.

Screencast - Initial development server setup for Ubuntu 18.04

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