Computer Programmer and Screencaster

I have been working as a computer programmer for over 20 years. During this time my career has spanned four continents and progressed through a number of different industries, computing environments, and languages. I began as a self-taught programmer and precocious teenager embarking on a career at 18.

I later pursued formal study in Mathematics at Mount Allison University and was CEO/CTO of a failed startup: Zedfast. I continue to be an indepedent software consultant and creator of screencast courses for my publisher while enjoying small-town life in Sackville, New Brunswick.


I have been an avid photographer since 1999. I took up digital photography more seriously in 2006 and then printing in 2008 after a workshop with Michael Reichmann. I continue to take photographs and express this primarily through the prints I create.

I look for hidden gems in far off places and in my own back yard. A successfully captured photograph is one that embodies my personal connection to the scene as I remember it. When I process an image and print it, I strive to share this intimate connection with others.

Father, Athlete, Coach

I am also a father of two, a track & field athlete, and sometimes coach.