Art Opening - Photography Exhibition at the Sackville Commons

Reposted from: Coworking Sackville - Steve Scott Art Opening

From June 12, 2017

Join us at The Commons this Friday to celebrate one of our Dynamic members’ art! Steve Scott is one of the founding members of The Sackville Commons, a talented Computing Technology Design Scientist, amazing father, athlete & entrepreneur– Steve Scott’s art is a celebration of the natural beauty of New Brunswick.

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Goodbye Instagram and Social Media

In a previous post I described my exit from social media save for one holdout: Instagram. I intended to keep a presence on Instagram, at least for a while longer, because of my photography. My Instagram experiment, as I have been calling it, came to an abrupt end because of a privacy over-step on Instagram’s part.

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Static-Site Comments via Email

Comments for statically generated blogs are often done through 3rd-party providers, e.g. Disqus, et al. I was uncomfortable with that approach. I wanted to keep things static with minimal JavaScript and minimal back-end code. But there are a number of features and concerns that still need to be addressed, namely: spam, privacy, and security. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. I just wanted to allow comments in a minimalistic way without ending up down a rabbit hole.

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Can an iPad Pro Replace My Laptop?

I’ve read a number of iPad Pro reviews, many posted mere weeks after it launched, and they all sounded like they were written based on the device specs and not its actual use. They were all judge-a-book-by-its-cover reviews and not the contents.

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Goodbye Facebook, Goodbye Google+, Goodbye Twitter, Goodbye LinkedIn, ... Goodbye Social Media

Over the past few months I cancelled most of my mainstream social media accounts. I posted a version of the following notice to my social media accounts:

Goodbye Facebook, Twitter, Google, et al. I can't take part in another 4 years of the American Politics Reality Show. These Internet spaces have become megaphones for the mainstream media to spin their tiresome narratives.

Facebook was my medium to keep in touch with people I'd have lost touch with otherwise. From those I met along the way, people I'd grown up with, I got to share in their joys, accomplishments, and sorrows--it made for a meaningful place.

But with ever-increasing advertising, politics, tracking, and mainstream media pervasiveness, the signal-to-noise ratio has drowned out the meaningful parts.

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